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V SYSTEMS (also known as VSYS) is a blockchain database cloud project that aims to create a brand new digital economy era. The project will deliver the world's first object-oriented general purpose distributed database, which is empowered to carry complex decentralized applications.

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V SYSTEMS platform is aimed to significantly lower the cost of blockchain technology and massively increase the competitiveness of blockchain as a database platform compared to traditional database systems. 

V SYSTEMS is a kind of project that most of us missed since there were no public sale and hype games instead the team has definitely proved that they are capable to deliver. Although there is not much hype surrounding the project it has a great supportive community and recently has been listed on KuCoin and Bitfinex. We are definitely interested in the future updates of V SYSTEMS and are really happy that there are still projects that BUIDL.

Our team will continue to follow the progress of the team and will definitely reflect everything in the updated DNA report in 6 months.

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Based on the review of source code in the V SYSTEMS github and the runtime behavior of the installation we conclude that the project has reached a stage well aligned with what is outlined in the roadmap. The code is following specs and has reached an advanced and stable level.

Nevertheless, we would recommend the team to enhance the installation by providing docker options, as well as completing the documentation of the node repository to enhance user friendliness from a technical perspective.

As far as PoS-based systems go, this is one of the most interesting implementations we have come across, with a lot of effort put into research and experience from previous projects where Sunny King has been involved. Furthermore, there is no doubt about the team’s ambition to bring a product to market with the aim of real usability for adoption (and supporting this ambition with business development initiatives in parallel with the technical development).

Having said this, it is clear that the project has a challenging roadmap ahead for 2019, bringing all remaining outlined system components to life. Judging from what we have seen this far, we believe that V SYSYTEMS has the capacity to deliver, and will be following the project along its roadmap.

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• Blockchain/Consensus Alternative • Notable team members and exp. • Active development. • Liquidity access through KuCoin Bitfinex. • Business Edge through propriety technology that could impact the space. 


• Lack of marketing/business team members. • Not listed on coin market cap if it was would be ranked #32(Calculated from circulating supply of 5.1b multiplied by KuCoin price at time of writing). – Should be changed in the future. • SPoS seems to be a more centralized consensus algorithm. 

Team(30) – 20 points 

Impact(55) – 45 points 

----What do you do and why is it important – Facilitation of new consensus Algo. New blockchain implementing the algorithm along with database related functions to improve inefficiencies in the blockchain space.  

----Potential Market Size 

----What Edge do you bring to the market – New consensus Algo from original POS creator. 

----Specific Industry  


Activity/Progress(15) – 15 points 

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