Top 15 ICO from Top Experts

ICO Drops Score
Harmony Very High
CertiK High
Keep network High
Nucypher High
Perlin High
Midgard Research Score
Harmony 10 out of 10
Nucypher 9 out of 10
Elrond Network 8.5 out of 10
Ferrum Network 8 out of 10
Precium 8 out of 10
KardiaChain On the radar
Raven Protocol On the radar
Algorand on the radar
COTI on the radar
IvanGBi Score
Nucypher LIKE
Evernym (Sovrin) LIKE
StarkWare WATCH
Coda Protocol WATCH
MoNoico Score
STP Network ALL IN
UltrAlpha Fund ALL IN
Harmony ALL IN
LCX Watch
Radix DLT Watch
Coda Protocol Watch
Spacemesh Watch
bloXroute Watch
Elrond Network Watch
COTI Watch
ICO Dog Score
Elrond Network ALL IN
Nucypher VERY GOOD
Perlin WATCH
Oasis Labs WATCH
Mandy Score
STP Network 8.6
Harmony 8.5
Perlin 8.4
Resistance 8
LCX 7.4
CertiK 7.2
Eleven01 7.1
Nucypher Very High
Algorand High
Coda Protocol High
Nervos High
Oasis Labs High
CertiK Medium
Keep network Medium
Perlin Medium
MMCrypto Score
Chromia 7/7 - 87%
Resistance 6/7 — //
Harmony 6/7 — //
Roobee 6/7 — //
Hypernet 5/7 — //
XAIN 5/7 — //
Lightstreams 4/7 - ./.
Platinum News Score
Handshake ALL IN
Luntik Score
Nucypher High interest
StarkWare High interest
Keep network High interest
Elrond Network High interest
bloXroute Watchlist
IRIS Network Watchlist
Ferrum Network Watchlist
Agoric Watchlist
Elixxir Watchlist
WormholeCash Watchlist
PicoloResearch Score
Perlin 4.5 stars
TrustToken 4 stars
Chromia 4 stars
Fic Network 4 stars