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The first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary internet protocol that enables anonymous peer-to-peer digital transactions without the need for central authorities or banks. This decentralized approach means that transactions are fully peer-to-peer and not controlled by any single entity. The bitcoin network operates through a collective consensus of network nodes, and it is open-source, public, and entirely beyond the control of any individual or organization.

Bitcoin transactions are permissionless and borderless, allowing you to send payments in BTC to anyone, anywhere, at any time, without intermediaries like banks or governments. Transactions cannot be restricted, frozen, or controlled in any way, making bitcoin a valuable technology for those in financially underdeveloped or sanctioned countries, privacy-conscious communities, or the unbanked. Bitcoin transactions are also tamper-proof, irreversible once added to the blockchain, and fast, with transactions processed within seconds and fully irreversible within an hour. The bitcoin network is available and online 24/7/365.

The bitcoin total supply is predefined and stable at 21 million bitcoins, with no additional bitcoins to be issued, ensuring that BTC won't be debased. Bitcoin's blockchain rules guarantee that only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist. The final bitcoin is unlikely to be mined until around the year 2140, as the number of bitcoins mined every 24 hours is currently around 900 and halving once every four years. Moreover, bitcoins do not take up any physical space, meaning there are no storage costs, regardless of the amount.

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