Proof of Space time

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Spacemesh is a 3rd-gen decentralized blockchain computer designed to execute transactions and run smart contracts at scale with low transaction fees. It is designed to create a highly-decentralized p2p blockchain computer formed by individuals from around the globe running Spacemesh on their desktop PCs at home. It is powered by a novel consensus protocol: Proof of Space time, that is secure, proof of work free and highly incentive-compatible.

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Private-sale: NO INFO
Pre-sale: NO INFO
Crowd-sale: TBA - ... ENDED

Raised: 0 of 15,000,000USD ( 0%)

token metrics
Ticker: Available for token sale:
Token type: OWN WALLET Private-sale/pre-sale token price: /
Accepts: Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: no info/ no info
Prototype: Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 9 persons Crowd-sale token price:
Team residence: Israel Crowd-sale min/max personal cap:
Company residence: Cant participate:

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