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Soar is a cutting edge mapping platform that can integrate multiple resolution imagery feeds from satellite, aerial sensors as well as crowd-sourced drone content. Using blockchain technology to connect and share dynamic mapping data, Soar can not only act as a super-map, but can also be a marketplace for the acquisition of new imagery, as well as an aggregator and repository for imagery analysis from various vendors from across the globe.

Private-sale: ENDED ENDED 17,250,000 / 17,250,000 USD raised
Pre-sale: NO INFO
Crowd-sale: 19 Nov - 19 Dec ENDED 684,957 /3,000,000 USD raised

Raised: 17,250,000 of 20,250,000USD ( 85%)

token metrics
Ticker: SKYM Available for token sale: 130000000
Token type: ERC20 Private-sale/pre-sale token price: 0.15USD/0.15USD
Accepts: ETH Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: 33 / no info
Prototype: DEMO Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 18 persons Crowd-sale token price: 0.2 USD
Team residence: Singapore Crowd-sale min/max personal cap: 0.1 ETH / 100 ETH
Company residence: Australia Cant participate: CHINA, USA

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Soar does not have direct competitors in the blockchain industry it is hard to talk about its investment potential in terms of peer analysis. The team is solid and experienced in relevant fields. Soar has already raised $17,250,000 in private sale and has just $3,000,000 for crowd sale. Extensive lock-up terms are looking reasonable and will prevent token from the immediate dump.

The idea is ambitious and we believe that the team with such experience can bring it to life.

Soar has already working MVP (600+ drone operators have signed up for launch) and plans to release a working platform in the near future.

Importantly, Soar has the potential to conduct an IPO or create security tokens that will give investors real opportunities beyond speculation on utility token prices.

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