Raven Protocol

Raven Protocol


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A decentralized & distributed deep-learning training protocol

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New project on the radar. 

Raven Protocol is kind of projects that you rarely meet nowadays.

There are no fancy advisors and funds involved. It is a community driven project with an engaged team of true decentralization enthusiasts.

Raven is building a decentralized Deep Learning training protocol. Today, the process of training AI/ML models could take weeks and even months to complete while the costs for computing resources usually are far beyond that most of small companies and groups of developers can afford. 

To change this, Raven lowers entry barrier by reducing the compute power required from the contributor, thus the cost of acquiring specific powerful CPUs and GPUs to train DNNs becomes minimal. The concept of sharing idle computing power to facilitate training saves the enormous expense involved. In return, the contributors are compensated/rewarded with Raven tokens.

The team is focusing on fast-paced AI training. For example, a 1M image dataset that takes 2-3 weeks to train on AWS will be reduced down to 2-3 hours on Raven. 

We want to highlight the team behind the raven, these guys are true enthusiasts who are running the tech forward. Raven is run by a small team of 8 people led by Sherman Lee a prominent thought leader in the blockchain space.

While co-founder Kailash Ahirwar recently wrote a book on Generative Adversarial Networks Projects

We strongly advise keeping an eye on Raven Protocol updates in the upcoming weeks:)

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