Whit Walker

Country: New York


I am a scrappy and energetic business leader focused on the intersection of technology, media, marketing and growth strategies. In my career, I’ve always endeavored to set a high standard for what is possible, both from myself and the organizations I work for. I’m an ambitious and results-oriented producer with upper management potential. I work to create opportunities and meet challenges head on. I relish the opportunity to create order from chaos. I'm always ready to apply my steady leadership, analytical skill and strategic management acumen to the ever evolving set of challenges faced by technology and media companies - particularly issues relating to platform development, network growth and revenue generation.Working through such challenging marketing and growth strategy situations is fulfilling because they push me to use all of my managerial, entrepreneurial and consulting skills. I strive to contribute balanced leadership, rigorous logic and an attention to detail to all projects I take on. To this end, many of my colleagues will tell you that I also bring a positive energy to such complex, cross-functional team projects. I’m a firm believer that “all ships rise together” and the collective is greater than the sum of the parts. I believe this outlook strengthens team resolve and inspires those around me. Integrating disparate disciplines into a cohesive package and driving towards a common goal is always a challenge, but it is the type of work that I find most rewarding. In the end, it’s fun.


Quadrant Protocol

Quadrant Protocol

Market Advisor

Goal: 20,000,000