Tyler Ruff

Country: United States


My greatest strength lies in consumer UX. I'm a certified Scrum Product Owner with 4 years experience. During those years I have gained experience leading full stack development teams based in India, Russia and the USA. I have helped create product concepts, roadmaps, definitions, and requirements. I have launched iOS and Android apps to both app stores. I've written (with help) Privacy Policies and T's & C's. I am fluent in Pivotal Tracker, Jira, and Asana. I like to use Trello for tracking my own work priorities. You can call me the backlog master- mwahaha!I have experience working closely with CEO's and CTO's. I'm usually the guy that offloads stuff from them that they don't have time to do, but are very important. It's because I can be trusted to see a task all the way through, and have it done really well. I've learned how to accomplish many things at once, and "keep the ball rolling" on several important company needs.I have worked for four startups. After years of working in many different trades, I've finally found that I really enjoy software development. My ideal employer would be smart enough to acknowledge (and solicit) professional, personal, product, or roadmap feedback- and ask often. An ideal employer would be looking for self-reliant types like me, and not have a tendency to micromanage. I want an employer who would rather throw problems at me and trust me to find a good solution.


Evernym (Sovrin)

Evernym (Sovrin)

Product Manager