Roger Ganga

Country: Singapore


I am a dedicated and self-motivated individual who loves to learn new stuff. My innate trait of curiosity has made to expand my expertise in data science, blockchain, consulting and photography. My exposure to various verticals enables me to be creative and come up with new ideas.A photographer by passion and a data scientist by profession. Proficient in client communication and solving business problems using real world data.At Quadrant, I am responsible for data science and machine learning initiatives. Also, I build and deploy smart contracts and dApps across our stack. I have deployed AI and Machine Learning projects on DataStreamx's data lake. With combined knowledge of data science and blockchain, I am currently doing research on how to bring AI and blockchain together.I have spoken at Singapore Business Review's 20 Hottest Startups Panel Briefing 2017. My topic was on the Rise of Data Scientists.


Quadrant Protocol

Quadrant Protocol

Data Science & Smart Contracts

Goal: 20,000,000