Nirbhik Jangid

Country: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


I have over 1.7 years of experience working in digital marketing. Currently, I work as a Digital Marketing Personnel (Management Trainee), improving the digital presence of our clients by using Social Media, Website, Blogs, E-mailer and AdWords.Previously, I was the CEO of ExCoLearn Pvt. Ltd. (a student-led enterprise exists with the sole purpose of creating a unique learning organization, at the helm of which stand the students of Universal Business School), where I was heading a team of 25-30 students working on different fronts viz Managing Digital Presence of UBS, Organizing Events & Conferences, Generating Funds by coming up with new ideas within UBS, Providing services to generate funds (like café, stationary, etc.), Initiating one of the most craziest/wackiest party of UBS i.e. Midnight Sunrise (generating revenue of 1.2L in a day) & Registration of the company (Transforming ELC to ExCoLearn Pvt. Ltd.)


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Matic Network

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Goal: 5,615,000