Nikos Kostopoulos

Country: Greece


Currently, researching the opportunities to adapt Blockchain technology with down to Earth ideas for real-life problems. Describing my overall career experience, I consider myself as an experienced Project Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the startup scene. I love tackling complex and interdisciplinary problems by using design thinking, strategic insight, planning, and deep collaborative team efforts to produce results that are in consideration of all stakeholder objectives. Skilled in fundraising and lobbying campaigns management. My professional and volunteering journey and expertise have helped me understand different working & organizational cultures and provided me with the ability to listen, critically synthesize and bring ideas and people to the table.Advocate for sustainable development. Spending several hours at airports around the world. Currently pursuing an MA in European Studies finalizing my Master thesis" Developing an optimal financial and regulatory governance mechanism for cryptocurrencies and blockchain governed institutions in the European Union." If 'blockchain and cryptocurrencies projects' domain being among your interests, our paths may cross at one of the events listed here, while you can enjoy reading few of my market analysis insights.Best way to reach me for networking, speaking, moderating, and consulting opportunities would be by sending me a request through LinkedIn.


Quadrant Protocol

Quadrant Protocol

EU Community Manager

Goal: 20,000,000