Kyle Hartog

Country: United States


Kyle Den Hartog is a Software Engineer currently at Evernym, in Salt Lake City, Utah. At Evernym, he works on the development of the Sovrin Network who is the primary consumer of Hyperledger Indy. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Den Hartog graduated from the University of Iowa majoring in Computer Science in 2017. Here he began researching blockchain, digital ledger technologies, and identity systems. His passion to eliminate passwords as the primary form of authentication has led him to be a contributor to the design and development of DID-Auth as well as other standards in the decentralized identity community. At only 23 years of age, Den Hartog is already making a name for himself as an experienced engineer working on self-sovereign identity systems. Outside of his professional life, Den Hartog enjoys skiing, bicycling, and traveling to better understand the diverseness of human cultures. So far, Den Hartog claims his favorite place he visited was Tanzania where he particular enjoyed Mafia Island.


Evernym (Sovrin)

Evernym (Sovrin)

Software Engineer