Karen Diaz

Country: San Francisco, USA


Operations Generalist- Graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Degree in Business Administration Marketing, and worked in consulting projects, digital marketing, investor relations, sales operations, business operations, branding, events management and people operations in the in the blockchain industry.Certified in Salesforce.com and HubSpot, with strong background in CRM, email marketing, HR, and secure filling systems. Passionate about solving problems and improving the decision-making process in a strategic and fast-paced environment. Experienced in data management, data clean-up and integrity to assure reporting accuracy on CRM systems like Salesforce.com and HubSpot. Proficient in designing and building CRM architectures, workflows and automating processes to improve business operations and efficiency.


Dispatch Labs

Dispatch Labs

Blockchain Systems Operations Manager

Goal: 39,900,000