Josh Jones



Josh Jones is expert in corporate and marketing strategy, branding, marketing communications, marketing technology and measurement, go-to-market programs and sales enablement. Before joining Cognida in June 2018, Josh headed up marketing for Oh My Green, where he led B2B marketing operations and drove revenue growth through omnichannel digital platforms, from customer outreach to acquisition and conversion, while also improving service levels across pre-sales, negotiation, and product and service delivery. Previously as VP sales and marketing for Zula Food, the programs he designed drove revenue by $5M in less than one year. As founder and President of Dine on Demand, Josh grew the company organically and through the several merger/acquisitions before selling the company to Zula Food. Josh has also worked the capital markets and has volunteered for industry organizations including the Restaurant Marketing and Delivery (RMDA) Board.




Chief Marketing Officer

Goal: 20,000,000