Elena Travkina

Country: Belarus


Elena is responsible for all the aspects of the Etherisc protocol delivery, strategic planning of new products, and product roadmaps. She is building technology expertise to reach cost reduction and customer satisfaction, as well as to create corporate value. Elena organizes the educational process for team members.Elena joined the Etherisc team in February 2017. She has recruited and built the team of the most qualified, highly skilled engineers. With her involvement, Etherisc successfully launched the Flight Delay DApp.Elena has 13+ years of industry experience with a focus on open-source technologies, distributed software, and IoT. She has worked in several solutions for the insurance industry leveraging blockchain. Elena spoke at large conferences on IoT and related topics. She managed several user groups (e.g., Belarus Ruby User Group) and meetups in technology-related areas. Elena also has a solid background in implementing lean startup principles and managing big development teams. Knowledgeable about strategic and organizational leadership, she organizes and improves the engineering process at Etherisc.




Director of Engineering

Goal: 28,300,000