Corin Kochenower

Country: United States


I have enjoyed over 17 years of solving problems and providing valuable software solutions in areas including embedded systems, software development frameworks, web services API's, and enterprise applications. I feel comfortable under the hood or in the driver’s seat and prefer to do both as much as possible.I believe that when an employee becomes a "go-to" person, it is evidence that he/she has obtained the technical and interpersonal relationship skills necessary to be considered a highly valuable asset to his/her employer. I find a great deal of satisfaction in becoming a "go-to" person, both in and out of my profession. There is nothing more enjoyable than serving and satisfying the needs of others and teaching them to be successful and find joy in their work.I try hard to keep myself healthy by living an active lifestyle and continually learning.


Evernym (Sovrin)

Evernym (Sovrin)

Master Engineer