Bing Byington



Bing Byington is a serial entrepreneur creating businesses in the mobile wireless, digital imaging and healthcare sectors. The famous words “Some people see things as they are and ask ‘why’? Others see things as they should be and ask ‘why not?’” initially led him into the very early days of the cellular phone industry. He became the CEO and a principal of a consortium of seven Mobile/Cellular licenses in the US and two internationally and sold his business to George Soros and the predecessor companies to Verizon and AT&T Mobile. In his next venture, he built industry leading digital imaging software for early generation digital cameras.The benefits and cost savings for consumers and photographers were obvious to him. As the digital photography market matured, the company’s solutions became mainstream and utilized for events, weddings, school photos, and government IDs. The business was sold to Kodak. Bing is currently Executive Chairman of CareConnex, integrating patient data from hospital ICUs and emergency wards, beyond the hospital walls into EMRs, lowering re-admissions and supporting “aging in place.” These healthcare, wireless, and technology experiences have led him to his clear understanding of the need to utilize protocols layered on top of a blockchain to create platforms to deliver enterprise solutions for a variety of industries.




Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Goal: 20,000,000