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NOIA Network utilizes Segment Routing, IPv6 and Distributed Ledger technologies to create a global Software Defined Network (SDN) on the public Internet. NOIA’s Programmable Internet allows ISPs, Data Centres and individual infrastructure providers connect to Distributed Ledger and sell their infrastructure as internet transit. Segment Routing allows programming of data sent over the internet to use predefined routes, solving internet reliability, scalability and BGP security issues. This can be done through NOIA Platform which is World’s First Programmable Internet Backbone As a Service.

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Raised: 6,600,000 of 6,600,000USD ( 100%)

token metrics
Ticker: NOIA Available for token sale: 300000000
Token type: ERC20 Private-sale/pre-sale token price: /
Accepts: Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: no info/ no info
Prototype: Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 10+ persons Crowd-sale token price:
Team residence: Paneriu St 43, Vilnius, Lithuania, 08230 Crowd-sale min/max personal cap:
Company residence: Gibraltar Cant participate:

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Noia created a very innovative and interesting product. They have done a really good job during the time of developing, they have about 350 active nodes from 5000+ nodes total. Their technology is very adaptive with existing infrastructure and all their purposes sound very reasonable. Team, Advisors, and Partners are very suitable and all with good reputations. IEO metrics with 1.41% initial supply is creating good conditions to perform on the KuCoin listing. So we decided to increase our rating to 4.9 out of 5 as we have little concerns because of the ambitiousness of the project.

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IEO on Korean launchpad Cobak for 300k USD closed within 15 seconds. Hybrid Internet core layer which connects all backbones into one, unified and programmable network. 

NOIA network has made some noise after joining the Microsoft Startups program. Confirmed listing on Kucoin on 22th of July. Partnerships with Tomochain, Bluzelle , NKN and Ramprate. They already got a working product which is being tested by several companies

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NOIA Network is an ambitious project that is aiming to disrupt a cornerstone industry. As a result, the project is attempting to establish itself in a market valued at close to $700 billion per year with regards to information and communication technology downtime in North America. This is a substantial market sector and the team have already developed a foundation as a blockchain based Distributed Peer to Peer Content Delivery Network. There are currently over 5,100 NOIA nodes downloaded with at least 300 up and running at any one time, and sharing over 25TB of spare data. This helps to bring some solidity to the project as decentralizing the internet is a tough to pull off successfully.

The launch of the NOIA Ledger and the NaaS Platform which will enable the selling NaaS services via partner networks, are set for the second half of 2019 and will allow the greater community to gauge exactly how well the project is progressing. Successful launches will also allow the community to grow faith in the team which is relatively young in nature and has limited experience with many of the core members coming from the same companies in Lithuania. A number of team members have spent time at the Tellq in-house call centre and at Orion Securities, and are in the process of growing as business and tech professionals.

As a result, despite having a lot of positives, the jury is still out as to whether the team can launch NOIA as a fully decentralized platform and gain significant traction and adoption from both commercial entities and regular users. However, recently the team have brought on board the seasoned business man William B. Norton who should help NOAI turn milestones into checkmarks. Moreover, NOIA can help to legitimize a market sector that is one of the most ambitious and also one of the more difficult to pull off with distributed internet projects such as Substratum, Elastos, and Skycoin often proving to be disappointing. Some aspects of the project are still to be finalized and the new whitepaper should reveal the consensus mechanism and more about the reward details which may prove attractive to anyone interested in operating a node.

Lastly, the fact that NOIA has managed to gain traction and sustain strong marketing efforts without having an IEO is something we appreciate. They are not following the trend of the industry, but remain unique to an extent which shows they have full belief in themselves. NOIA Network is one of the most exciting and promising projects we’ve come across during the last few months, and we’re looking forward to see the team’s progress in the upcoming months and years.

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We are quite excited about the upcoming listing of NOIA on KuCoin and here are reasons why:

Noia Network is creating the Programmable Internet, which is an ultimate solution to access all available Internet routers and program the network using standardized protocols.

The project has been started as a Decentralized Distributed P2P Content Delivery Network (CDN) startup, the team managed to deliver first of its kind Open Source technology - NOIA Cache. Right now, NOIA cash has attracted 9000 community members and over 5000 nodes are already running. The capacity of the network is over 25TB. Recently NOIA introduced the concept of Programmable Internet which combines Segment Routing protocol, Distributed Ledger Technology. 

The leadership team of the project consists of mainly young people, however, the team members have relevant experience. Recently, William B. Norton has joined the team as Chief Technical Liaison. William is a definitely a superstar, he served as Co-Founder of Equinix (the largest data center operator in the world, the current valuation is ~ $42B). William is the author of “The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet” along with 19 other publications on internet architecture.

The NOIA Token will facilitate various interactions across the network and represents a unit of transport within the network. Companies can use the Programmable Internet backbone as a service and pay for the traffic used, and the token can also be used for services and applications such as:

- NOIA Cache


- Smart routing

- Future applications built on NOIA Network

NOIA will be listed on KuCoin on 22nd of July. 

Hardcap (already reached) is $6,600,000 (20% of total tokens supply). Crowdsale Token Price: $0.033.

The most interesting part of NOIA token metrics is circulation, which appears to be extremely low in the first three months. Starting at 1.41% CS with a market cap of 450k at Crowdsale Token Price, it will gradually increase to 34% by the end of the first year of trading. This makes NOIA extremely low cap project with quite a big room for growth. 

We see both very good long-term and short-term potential in NOIA and we will be following their updates.

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