Published 15 May by Maksym Kyryliuk

Problem & Solution:

Nuggets is an e-commerce payment and ID platform.

Key features:

  • E-commerce payments and ID in one.
  • No usernames. No passwords. Identity verification with biometrics.
  • Rewards every time. From the moment you sign up, you’re earning Nuggets Tokens.
  • Pay with existing payment methods or cryptocurrency.
  • Data protection: your data is not shared with anyone.

MVP and Roadmap:

The team has not published an alpha version, yet, although according to the roadmap, Alpha Release is planned on 31st of March. After token sales begin, the team plans to release crucial improvements such as verified ID customer services, NFC, and virtual credit.


Co-founders: Alastair Johnson and Seema Khinda Johnson have been working at Skype for a long time. Alastair was Creative Director and Seema was Head of GTM (go to market).


Sally Eaves - contributor to Forbes on topics related to Technology (especially blockchain and AI) and Co-founder and CMO of Project Shivom.

Joshua J. Bouw - Co-founder of Blackcoin, the world’s first 100% proof-of-stake currency.

Sebastian Quinn-Watson has participated in different advisory roles for projects like Power Ledger, Bluzelle.


Nuggets has been endorsed by the United Kingdom's Department for International Trade, the Mayor of London and the City of London, and it has been invited on two major trade visits to China.

However, no key partnerships with large retailers have been announced yet.


A lot of projects can be considered as competitors, but they are either tackling payments or identity, not both. Nuggets is focusing on mainstream retail so its main competitors will be traditional payment systems such as PayPal and its competitors.

Decentralised competitors:

COTI: 30 M fundraising goal, ICO soon.

Omnitude: 25 M fundraising goal, ICO ongoing.

Request Network: 151,1 M

UTRUST - 51,8 M

15-May 2018

Token usage:

Users will get Nuggets Tokens for free for actions such as downloading the app and using the platform in various ways. Consumers will be encouraged to use their Nuggets Tokens to buy physical and digital products and services from Nuggets-enabled merchants. Merchants will be able to offer Nuggets Tokens as incentives for purchasing products.

Nuggets will charge small retailer transaction fees (payable in tokens) and a revenue share (payable as fees) of savings made by merchants. The Token Sale will enable Nuggets to operate until it turns a profit.


Nuggets plans to allocate 30% of tokens for various incentives: referral programs, bonuses, incentives for participation, and so on. One needs to keep in mind that this number is almost equal to the number of tokens to be sold at the ICO.


Token Allocation:

Fundraising Goal

30 M USD

Public sale


Total supply:

10 Billion DML

Incentives for eco-system participants


Tokens Available for Sale:






Max Bonus:

up to 20%

Legal and compliance


Hype is below average. Nuggets have a solid group on Telegram (24K members); however, it is completely due to the bounty program.

Verdict: 5 out of 10.

The team and advisors have industry and blockchain experience, but we have deducted most of the points for the poor tokenomics, absence of an MVP and partnerships. Moreover, the sector of decentralized e-commerce payments is quite saturated. Hype is below average.

We will update our score once MVP and Partnerships have been announced.