Published 08 Apr by Vladyslav Skakun

MERCULET ICO Analysis by Midgard Ventures

Problem & Solution:

Merculet is a complex solution to the problem of the loss of users’ quality of attentionin the modern information world. It helps enterprises to build an effective communication channel (Attention Value Network) which rewards users for their attention. It consists of several components:

1. An algorithm which calculates User Attention Value (UAV) based on his or her activity.

2. User Attention Tokens (UATs) which are unique for each enterprise, with a unique price-ratio to MVP token.

3. Open Content Platform which is basically a marketplace where entrepreneurs, users, content creators, and advertisers meet.

4. A series of protocols and DApps: Universal ID Protocol, Universal Content Protocol, Attention Reward Protocol, and Attention Tokenization Protocol.

As an important part of the Attention Value Network, the Universal Content Protocols will cooperate with various existing on-chain applications to serve various business scenarios of DApp-use, and promote the circulation of content.


There are not any direct competitors for Merculet. But it is worth mentioning some projects from the advertising sphere: Basic Attention Token, BAT ($195M USD),AdToken ($17M USD), Adbank ($4.2M USD), and AdShares ($3M USD).

Adbank and AdShares are marketplaces to sell/buy advertising in the Internet.

AdToken just plays the role of a reliability verifier of any site, dapp, or other placewhich enterprises could use for promotion purposes.

BAT has a pretty similar idea to Merculet: to measure the quality of users’ attentionand reward them for it. But BAT creates its own browser in which you can use BAT tokens, and Merculet creates a network (layer) for DApps advertising.


MVP is a stake token. Each company holding MVP tokens can create their own token (User Attention Token – UAT) to make any kind of promotion in the system and pay users in this type of token. Users hold MVP in return for being members of this system and earn UAT. UAT could be exchanged for MVP and, after conversion, into dollars or another real currency.

Volume: 10B MVP (Finite supply. All MVP tokens pre-minted.)

Available for Token Sale: 30%

Softcap: 10000 ETH

Hardcap: 31000 ETH


Merculet is not an open source project. They promise to release their beta-1 Attention Value Network system in Q2 2018.


The whole roadmap spans 24 months. In the next three

months they will have at least one of their partners onboard (ELEX) and finish testing for 15+ other partners. In the next two years, they will implement all other features of their Attention Value Network.

ICO dates for private/public sale are not set.


Private Sale: Registration starting from April 5, 2018, 8am CST

Public Sale: April 25, 2018, 8am CST – April 30, 2018, 8am CST


The team is solid and comprises ten people. Almost all of them work in a MagicWindow which is one of Merculet ICO partners. They have good experience in programming (HP, Phillips), advertising (AdMaster), and business development.

They have six advisers who are mostly representatives of investment funds (DanHua Capital , BitShares and Fenbushi Capital, Roots Capital, Super Hash Capital etc).


Merculet has a partnerships with:

1. Elex – A benchmark in internationalization of Chinese internet companies (more than 50 million active users worldwide).

2. Solo Ads – A platform for global developers from NewBornTown (with more than 1 billion users in the world).

3. MagicWindow – The company provides AI content services, SDK data analysis, and intelligent content distribution. It also has a large customer base.

4. Toop – The company studies and provides unlimited opportunities for people with high incomes to enjoy life as much as possible.

Merculet also has a partnership with Krypital Group, a leading global firm that provides authoritative and comprehensive advisory and management services to reputable clients globally.

Group previous projects: ArcBlock ($49M USD) and CyberMiles ($46M USD).Krypital

Verdict: 7 out of 10

An experienced and solid Chinese team with important partnerships and attention from capital funds. Its market potential is huge because Merculet introduces a unique complex solution to the main problems of the industry. The relationship between Merculet and Krypital Group is a great advantage for the project. But still there is a lack of information related to ICO dates and pre sale; they will not show MVP before an ICO because Merculet is not an open source project, but they promise to launch their platform in Q2.

P.S. They have a great marketing team! They have answered all my questions, and they have a very friendly attitude and completely understand the project, even when answering difficult technical questions.

Research was prepared by

Vladyslav Skakun

Senior Analyst at Midgard Ventures