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Next generation banking and trading platform.


The V-ID validation service uses blockchain technology to end all document fraud. V-ID has an operational platform with paying customers. Our client base, with customers like Airbus Space & Defence, operates in various fields, including education, medical, research and tech.



Decentralized infrastructure of protocol-based economy.

Luntik: High interest
Shin Chan: 78%

Oct 30, 2018 - Dec 15, 2018


Mt Pelerin is a Swiss blockchain project working on the creation of tomorrow's bank. With an open approach that allows external banking and financial organizations to be included, this platform will leverage tokenization to democratize investment opportunities to the public while heavily rationalizing the cost structure of those financial services.

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Drone content

We're Creating the Worlds First Fully Democratised GLOBAL SUPER-MAP Using Drone Content.

Midgard Research: 8 out of 10
Ian Balina: 73