Liquidity Network

Liquidity Network

Off-chain payments

Average rating : HIGH

An off-chain payment ecosystem, which is more flexible and efficient than Lightning/Raiden technology.

Private-sale: NO INFO
Pre-sale: 08 Feb - 08 Mar ENDED 10,496 / 10,496 ETH raised
Crowd-sale: 14 Jun - 18 Jul ENDED

Raised: 35,402 of 60,400ETH ( 59%)

token metrics
Ticker: LQD Available for token sale: 65
Token type: ERC20 Private-sale/pre-sale token price: /0.6111USD
Accepts: ETH Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: no info/ no info
Prototype: YES Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 10+ persons Crowd-sale token price: 0.6111 USD
Team residence: Crowd-sale min/max personal cap:
Company residence: Cant participate:

experts opinionopen all

16-Apr. Alexey: Liquidity Network is an interesting project, we started to research it but we do not have a final verdict on it.

30-May. Sergey: KYC is very complicated. Pre-sale was successful, we will watch the project. Link

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- MVP is up and running. Customers tasted it and its functional. 

- Academic core team with background and current affiliation with ETH Zurich. Liquidity.Network will also be an extension of Co-founder, Rami Khalil's project REVIVE, a decentralized protocol for payment channels without on-chain transactions.

- At the Conclusion of the ICO Pre-sale partnerships with 4 Venture Capital companies were announced. It appears established investment firms have concluded that Liquidity.Network is a project worth initial investment. 

- Whitelist is open and they are trying to raise 27 mil$ through Dutch Auction . 5mil$ was already raised in presale.

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