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Hypernet is a protocol for high performance computing across a distributed network of devices.

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14-May. There are rumors that cap is adequate, sale in August. It is a competitor to SONM and other supercomputers.

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● Hypernet: Protocol for parallel computing over a decentralized, dynamic, distributed network utilising idle computational power. 

● You might have heard it all before, but Hypernet has a team with lots of blockchain experience, a mainnet coming out already in August and cap of only $15M (take a look at recent GNT or SONM cap for example). 

● Presale token lock is uncommonly long which should help the token post listing price. 

● No ERC20 placeholder will be used, and only native tokens will be released so hopefully the team has exchange listing plans.

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Hypernet’s team is a group of recently graduated PhD students from Stanford. As far as technology talent, this team is loaded, however we do have to keep in mind that the technology may or may not work. Personally, we believe this project is generating a ton of hype just based on the team assembled. With more information released each week as the project approaches the end of the token sale, more information should be made available about the business aspect of the project and marketing efforts should subsequently follow.

Hypernet and Golem are taking different approaches, as they should, and currently it is unclear which or whether any will prevail. With Hypernet’s stated hard cap of $15 million it is possible that Hypernet will reward early investors very well in the not so far future. The unanswered question is whether Hypernet’s computing will be faster, cheaper, and more secure than centralized computing. We believe this is a great investment aspect considering the technology, team, hype, and the niche it is competing in.

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The Hypernet ICO offers a novel technical approach to solve a major bottleneck facing blockchain-based distributed computing. While the project fundamentals appear promising on the tech front, the plan to onboard a strong target market customer base remains unclear at this early stage. Regardless, the Hypernet ICO shows potential as a breakthrough project in the distributed computing space.

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