Published 16 Jul by Cryptodiffer Team


Aleksey: They did not reach the hardcap, 4% was left.


Aleksey: It reached the hardcap in 2nd round. They have partnership with Credits. In general, I personally talked with the team, and I like how they work.


Aleksey: Tezos was listed on It made х5. The project itself is interesting, global.

Sergey: I participated in the ICO and bought it after on the exchange, as I planned. It is competitor to EOS.


Aleksey: It was listed on and made х3. Now fell a little. I do look in a long-term.

Sergey: The cap is still small.


Aleksey: A good profit was shown by GoChain.


Aleksey: It opened up bad on exchanges, I will hold, I invested small size.

Новые идеи:

Aleksey: Now I am interested in Uranus and DxChain. In Perlin we invested a little.


Brus: MultiVAC - blockchain with sharding, a lot of scientists in the team. What's cool, that they have in the 4th quarter of 2018 the release of the testnet and in the 2nd quarter of 2019 the launch of the mainnet. Very interesting project, and main-sale will also take place.

Sergey: Looks like a candidate for High / Very High.


Aleksey: It's worth the High mark.

Bruce: I like that there are locks and vesting for the private-sale.


Aleksey: Participated. The project is interesting, the exchange where you can vote for the listing of tokens.