Evernym (Sovrin)

A Protocol and Token for Self-Sovereign Identity & Decentralized Trust.

Crowd-sale starts

Team: 8 persons
ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00
ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO

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Experts Opinions

Ian Balina

Thoughts on Sovrin partnership with IBM?

I mean it’s big news, really big news. I’m kind of wasn’t so happy that they announced partnership during the ICO, rather I thought it might have been better to keep it post ICO, but I mean this is great, I’m surprised iBM is really getting into cryptocurrencies now.

Sovereign is good. I did not invest in it though but I did think it is an All Star project.

24-Apr. Would you invest in Sovrin? Probably no. I like the project, it was an all-star ICO, but I wasn't ready, it came out in a bear market. I didn't like the lockup, right, there's a good two to three months until the actual ICO and to me didn't really make much sense.