It is a Blockchain Platform Technology for Edenchain’s Implementation of Programmable Economy. Through Edenchain, capitalize tangible/ intangible values, and trade it safely, cost efficiently, and fast It could be used easily by company/organization/individual who need a blockchain technology and coin.

Crowd-sale starts
Fundraising progress:
20,034,092 USD of 24,000,000 USD
2018-05-01 00:00:00 - 2018-05-10 00:00:00, Bonus 20%

Team: 11 persons
Prototype: YES
ICO Min/max personal cap: 1.00 / 3.00
ICO Token Price: 0.06 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 40%

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Experts Opinions

Ian Balina

7-Mar. I’m not tied, I’m not participating in this, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get in, eventually I could get in ,maybe post ICO. Anyway, guys, I’ll be passing on this for now, but keeping an eye on this later, once it’s on exchanges. I mean my recommendation to them, actually, well, I haven’t told them this yet, but I think they would be better off if they waited to launch a test net before having the ICO. In my opinion, this is really a research project trying to raise money to do more research, which I’m not in the business of doing right.

24-Apr. I don't have any plans to touch Edenchain. I wish the team best of luck, but no plans at the moment, I mean they weren't ready with a prototype. I passed on an Edenchain for Quarkchain. Quarkchain already has a test net, a demo they could show me, so to me that was a much better investment from my perspective.

2-May. The Edenchain team showed me a demo of their new MVP a few days ago. The new MVP demo impressed me, and as a result their score has been updated due to now having a tangible prototype. Edenchain now scores at 85% for me personally, and is officially an all-star ICO in my opinion. I will be hosting a live AMA with the team next week.

10-May. QuarkChain, Edenchain, Phantasma and Mainframe those are my four all-star projects for this month.


6-Apr. Korean blockchain Project with good hard cap. Looks good so far.

Coin Bloq

Edenchain is a Korean ICO that wants to create a full blockchain that uses Internet of Things with an emphasis on peer to peer finance and loans.

The CEO is M Jung Ho and he has industry experience in machine learning and cloud computing and appears to have connections to the Korean government, overall I thought the project had a very solid team I gave them 70 out of 100.

The token economics, I thought were excellent, they were only asking for 24 million dollars. (70 out 100).

It has been not enough awareness in the market so I gave them 30 to 40 out of 100 for the hype, but this is definitely something to watch.

Now when it comes to the negatives, it is the same criticism really as Yggdrash, they don’t have

any prototype and the main net for Edenchain isn’t going to be released until q1 of 2019.

ICO won’t begin till q4 of the end of this year 2018 so I do actually think the token economics are going to be changing.

ICO Drops

Mar-10. Sergei: Edenchain is interesting project, however Ian Balina was disappointed with the fact that they haven’t presented prototype yet. Project is worth watching.

Apr-11. Key: EdenChain I like. It is like DragonChain for Korea. But they do not have anything. (MVP)

Apr-24. Sergey: Edenchain, I don`t like the project. Our team is communicating with them. The project has appeared unexpectedly. We always look if a project has the partnerships with well-known funds and Edenchain has not such connections. There is vesting period for pre-sale participants which I don`t like.

3-May. Ivan: Initially there were red flags about the project. But then Ian Balina shilled it.

Bruce: They have shown him a prototype and he announced that the project is an all-star.

Bruce: I like how tokens are distributed. I don`t think that price will dump.


7-Mar. I have it 75 . (Matty downgraded it because beta will launch in a year)

03-May. Up. They were a 79. Had them for a no for tech and supporting cast. But apparently their two blockchain devs worked at SK Telecom a publically traded company. The mistake was made due to poorly crafted linked in profiles. The one had his resume in his description bio and the other onlylisted Eden Partners.


2-May. Korean project. Team looks good. With MVP launch in April 2018. Roadmap looks convincing. Long term project looks good.

ICO Pantera
7.5 out of 10

Edenchain offers a highly ambitious solution and product. It is a Korean blockchain like ICON and the market expects a similar performance from Edenchain. Comparison against EOS has also been made and we might see Edenchain achieve similar results as EOS. It should be noted that Edenchain has successfully delivered their first MVP and highly regarded cryptocurrency influencers such as Ian Balina have shown interest in the platform. The combination of ambitious project scope, excellent team expertise, working MVP and high hype level makes Edenchain definitely a worthwhile investment.