About company

Unbank.Ventures was started with a mission to make a positive impact in the Financial Services industry. Founder, Brett Noyes, started his career journey in the spring of 2008 in New York, NY during the financial crisis. As the global financial system collapsed Noyes was force to return to Washington state to build his career.While in Washington Noyes founded 3 brick and mortar companies. Through this experience he learned about building scalable businesses, founded a startup community, put on the first hackathon in Eastern Washington and started an angel investment group.This experience led him to Silicon Valley. In his time in Silicon Valley, Noyes has worked under the number one angel on Angellist and a world class venture capitalist. Under Jason Calcanis, Noyes administered the first LAUNCH incubator. While working for Tim Draper, Noyes developed and administered the Draper FinTech Incubator program.Unbank.Ventures is the culmination of Noyes’s experience, desire to make a positive impact on the financial services industry and his passion for enabling early stage founders to build world changing technology.

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Dispatch Labs

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Goal: 39,900,000