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About company

Roots Capital was founded in 2012. In early stage, its core business was advisory services in equity financing for the TMT space, during which, Roots Capital helped a lot of projects to secure VC investments. From 2014 on, Roots Capital has focused on early-stage private equity investments in the TMT space, and has since invested in more than 30 start-up projects in the mobile-internet and intelligent technology domains.Roots Capital started its blockchain investment from 2016, and pivoted to focus on blockchain investment in 2017. Roots Capital has up till now invested in dozens of blockchain projects as a committed long-term partner. Roots Capital synergizes various resources to assist projects with eco-system development, community building, media, and fundraising etc. Roots Capital empowers the portfolio projects and grows with them by leveraging its solid investment and management ability, abundant industry and peripheral resources.Roots Capital has established sub-branches like Broadchain Consulting, which engages in the research and consultation for the blockchain industry and has provided in-depth consulting service for the blockchain of various projects. Broadchain Consulting has published the “Global Blockchain+VC Report,” which is one of the earliest Blockchain VC reports.

Roots Capital participates as a partner in:
Celer Network

Celer Network

Blockchain 4.0

Goal: 34,700,000