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Hosho exists to challenge the definition of what blockchain security currently means, to hold the members of our community to those standards, and to allow the blockchain space to grow to its full potential. Taking ahold of that torch originally ignited by those pioneers who laid the groundwork for this industry that we operate in and love, Hosho has driven it forward into the unknown, charging ahead to protect and secure all of those who come after us. We come to work every day knowing that companies’ reputations are in our hands, and we recognize the responsibility that we have to ensure the success of each individual we work with. Each member of our team adheres to a mindset of challenge, growth, and dedication that we have been hard-pressed to find anywhere else, so whether you’re a company in need of blockchain security services, an enthusiast who wants to help grow this community, or you just want to get to know us, the Hosho team would love to hear from you.

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Dispatch Labs

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Goal: 39,900,000