Published 13 Nov by CryptoDiffer Team

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Has the Altcoin Season already started?
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The market looks a bit depressing at the moment. But if we go back and look at the midterm time scale we face an increase of way more than 10% within the last couple of weeks. That's extremely bullish! When we look at the days highest gainers and losers we face a very low cross coin correlation! An ongoing low cross coin correlation makes the market place to a coin-pickers season.

But be cautious: If you act because of greed or fear you WILL lose! If you have some fundamentals backing your decisions you might be rewarded very generously in this specific market conditions at the moment.

Should one buy NEX NEONEXCHANGE now?
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Everyone asking currently: „What about NEX? Should I buy or not?“ So now Aphellion, TokTok, Mxc have listed NEX alreadyWe cannot guarantee which ones are legit but at least they are listed and currently trading at $2.09 to $2.50.

Can you make Arbitrage gains through this spread? NO! Withdrawals are disabled on the Japanese exchange. Once it gets enabled the gap will close. But maybe you are considering buying it to hold and maybe stake later on. Therefore we could calculate the current Marketcap, which is not yet listed on CoinMarketCap. We find out that its between $51mln to $60mln at the moment.

In comparison to KuCoin exchange, they have 50% of their market cap. Even though KuCoin is centralized we find out that you can stake with their token as well and also get utility. KuCoin is struggling with their Volume but at least they have thousands of users and a working and running exchange. Things NEX has not at the moment. When we compare to 0x Project we find out that NEX´ current Marketcap is at 1/6th of 0xProjects Marketcap.

Obviously, it is kind of strange to compare Marketcap to other projects. But thats unfortunately how it goes in crypto. If we do so we find out that NEX is relatively expensive compared to their current state of development. In comparison to 0xProject they are not necessarily overvalued.

So they can possibly have a huge hype due to their first-movers advantage as an early STO. Also there are barriers to entry to buy NEX at the moment and the OTC price was around $1,80. Rumors that Tokens bought at Aphelion will be worthless are not true anymore, though.

So when buying NEX one should now about the high risk involved, but also the high possible returns. 

We will release an MMCrypto STO-Spreadsheet free 4 all!
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Most of you already know our ICO-Spreadsheet with more than 10.000 users from our friends from CryptoDiffer or our Channels. We are currently putting a lot of brainpower inside. Besides all the metrics we will put the anticipated dividend ratio into consideration. We will make a probability weighted scenario calculation for the dividend ratio! If you want to be one of the first movers and you wish to have the competitive edge towards all other market participants you can simply subscribe to our ICO-Spreadsheet at

Rootstock $RBTC is listed at Huobi!
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From a speculation point of view this is not interesting at all currently. From a fundamental point of view: This will have a HUGE impact on Bitcoin and also the whole crypto space! Mark our words. For speculation purposes, it is currently not interesting. $RBTC has a two-way peg to Bitcoin and has no speculative value. There is a lot of confusion regarding the ticker symbol SBTC was the old one, but it is already taken by Super Bitcoin.

Later on, you might be able to speculate with their RIF token. In our opinion, the Hardcap was too high with way more than $100mln. From a fundamental point of view, they are great. They will make Bitcoin to a Blockchain 2.0 and they are improving the whole ecosystem. 

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