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Akropolis is a domain-specific financial protocol dedicated to the needs of the growing billion-dollar informal economy. We build products that help people save, grow and scale.

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Crowd-sale: July, 16 - ENDED 0 /2,400,000 USD raised

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Ticker: AKT Available for token sale: 30.5
Token type: ERC20 Private-sale/pre-sale token price: /
Accepts: Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: no info/ no info
Prototype: YES Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 19 persons Crowd-sale token price: 0.00813 USD
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Akropolis is a domain-specific financial protocol dedicated to the needs of the informal bank-less economy. It can be implemented on any blockchain with a Turing-complete virtual machine. Alpha release is expected in August. Partnerships with Maker, Polkadot, POA, Bancor and others.

IEO on Huobi

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We like the idea of the project and its real use-case in daily life. Akropolis provides financial security and access to basic financial services without dependence on the fractional reserve-based banking system, and therefore resilient to economic crises.

Akropolis protocol is designed to enable scalability of informal member-owned organizations. The main focus is made on organizations that have been existed for centuries globally and remains active in emerging markets, especially in Africa, parts of Europe, US and Asia. 

The project has already released two working products: Akropolis Network, a complex solution that allows users to create and operate AFOs (Autonomous Financial Organizations), and CashflowRelay, a new financial primitive and a DeFi equivalent of cash-flow financing. It will continue developing the product and expand it via significant partnership and DeFi implementations.

The team of the project is solid and relevantly experienced. It consists of 12 core team members and 5 advisors that have been working on the development of the project for more than a year. The project has already announced a significant number of useful partnerships: Maker, Polkadot, Bancor, POA and more.

Akropolis token (AKT) is a network token that will be used in different scenarios: Stability fee, Penalty fee, Infra-network interest rate, Governance fee, Staking. All of the mentioned above are valuable components for proper and clear work of the Autonomous Financial Organizations.

Akropolis will conduct an IEO on Huobi Prime on 16th of July at 20:00 (GMT+8). 

IEO Hardcap is - $2,400,000 for 8% of tokens. Private investors have a 2-month lockup after Huobi Prime Launch and vesting over 12 months. So tokenomics looks really solid.

There will be some extra opportunities for users in the Akropolis community to win trading quota, they can participate in Community Quests.

Overall, we find the project pretty solid and promising.

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Huobi IEO is impossible to get in... akropolis was launched the last year... insurance on the blockchain is no more interesting concept. roadmap and team have changed since last year. not trying IEO or on exchange

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We personally like Akropolis because of their novel solution is in perspective niche. Their product can be the first operating system for AOT, DAO organizations and provides financial security and access to basic financial services without dependence on the banking system. Akropolis system can regulate itself, the network is built in a way where network keeper and all participants have maximized their utility when the network is stable. The Team, Tokenomics and IEO conditions are good, but we need to mention that is a long way of Akropolis team to finish and adopt their tech.

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