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In a space saturated with self-professed experts, Wolf Crypto cuts through the noise. Our team has held founding positions in several successful blockchain projects and worked in various capacities—advisory, technical, marketing, and funding—on ICOs like TE-FOOD, Refereum, Skrilla, Leverj and Evarei.Our staff includes technical advisors, web and software developers, smart contract programmers and auditors, digital marketing professionals, social media strategists, copywriters, and account managers. By bringing experts with a diverse set of skills together, we enable new companies to launch successful blockchain-based projects.Wolf Crypto is capable of scaling its efforts in either direction to accommodate your company’s unique needs. From developing your whitepaper and marketing strategy to programming your smart contract, to driving funding for your pre-sale and ICO, our talented team of blockchain consultants and technologists sets you up for a successful token sale and favorable long-term outcome.In addition to our ICO services, Wolf Crypto is dedicated to advancing the reach of blockchain technology through education and community-building. We are proud to be a community-driven entity, with more than 3,000+ members in our public Telegram channel, as well as a private channel of dedicated cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors vetted by our leadership team.Using the form below, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for you. With our collective skill set, it's likely that we can adapt to your requirements, even if you don’t see them listed on our services page.

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