Trev Harmon

Country: United States


My career has been exciting and varied, providing me with both a breadth and depth of experience. My educational background is in both business and engineering, which has served me well in a career predominately done working in small- and medium-sized businesses. While I have worked at and with many large corporations, the excitement and variety of the small business experience is difficult to match.Through the wearing of many hats, I've not only led, but also started a number of different, successful departments. These include Information Technology, Professional Services, Product Management and Corporate Training. I'm also an accomplished writer and speaker.This cross-functional experience allows me to work well with different groups and organizations within a company, including Top-Level Management, Marketing, Sales, Sales Engineering, DevOps, Engineering and Architecture. Being able to not only understand each groups motivations, but also being able to speak their "language" is key in effective communication.


Evernym (Sovrin)

Evernym (Sovrin)

Director, Customer Success