Laura Wallendal

Country: Greater Los Angeles Area


In true entrepreneur fashion, I love to work on projects that solve tough problems. With a background in sales and as a graduate of three Accelerator programs (MassChallenge, Techstars and Betaspring), I have learned exactly what investors need to see from entrepreneurs in order to determine growth and potential. Now, Iā€™m applying what I know by coaching other startups to adopt a strategy that proves monetization and attracts funding. The founders I have known, partnered with, and admired over the years have created products and services that continue to earn the reputation of change-agents, but many need guidance in navigating the different growth stages. As a growth consultant, I help them define what success looks like and then back into a blueprint to get them there. Passionate traveler and language learner with a background in launching companies in travel, museums and edtech.


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Goal: 30,000,000