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InCodeWeTrust is a team of blockchain architects and developers focusing on the actual technical achievements of ICO projects, giving weight to realization of ideas rather than whitepapers alone.In particular we review the conceptual ideas presented in whitepapers and how well they are matched by existing code in repositories. Parameters for our evaluation include solution concept, completeness, code quality, robustness and performance test whenever possible.We go beyond basic formal code review (which is looking at source code text files) by downloading, building and running available project code to assess its provenance, maturity and actual function, something which is impossible to determine alone by viewing source code files.Most of our reviews are based on code available in open githubs and are publicly available, while some have been performed under non-disclosure agreements preventing us from publishing.We are not financially compensated to do any of our reviews. Our reviews are based on our own research, tests and personal opinion, and the projects that we choose to review are based on our discretion.

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InCodeWeTrust Score
Solana A+
Ankr A+
Nervos A-
MagnaChain B+
KardiaChain B+
Uranus B+