Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol

Decentralized sharing economy marketplace

Average rating : HIGH

The blockchain platform for building decentralized marketplaces.

Private-sale: NO INFO
Pre-sale: NO INFO 28,500,000 / 28,500,000 USD raised
Crowd-sale: 28 June - ENDED

Raised: 28,500,000 of 35,100,000USD ( 81%)

token metrics
Ticker: ORIGIN Available for token sale:
Token type: ERC20 Private-sale/pre-sale token price: /
Accepts: BTC, ETH, USD Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: no info/ no info
Prototype: Yes Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 12 persons Crowd-sale token price:
Team residence: USA Crowd-sale min/max personal cap: 1000 USD / TBA
Company residence: USA Cant participate:

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Based on the current token metrics they had, I'll be passing on it.

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10 Mar: They have 21 thousand people in their telegram group, in spite of the fact that they don’t market themselves much. Origin Protocol is top project for now. We are waiting for them to publish token metrics and then it will be very high. Bee token, Kenya, We trust, Propy and other projects are all built on Origin Protocol, by the way, Thrive is also going to be built on the Origin Protocol.

16 Mar: We are waiting for token metrics. There may be community sale or airdrop. Depending on metrics they can be given “Very High” rating.

25 Mar: Crush Crypto has published review on Origin Protocol, and they put neutral for flip, however they put good for long term. However, I think that project may be very successful. There are a lot of projects that are built on Origin Protocol and they did collect a ton of money. But we are waiting for info about cap.

16-Apr: Andrey: Origin is a Market place, marketplaces do not have big ROI.

Alexey: Origin is the project in which I wouldn`t invest much.

Sergey: I don`t invest in marketplaces, it is very long term.

27-Apr: Ivan: They develop very fast. Famous funds have participated in their strategic round. They have partnerships with more than 45 projects.

3-May. There is no info about crowdsale. It might be an airdrop. It is a candidate for Very High. Team is Top, real superstars. But it is not clear about crowdsale.

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The team members have experience in launching tech companies. The project has solid advisors from Pantera Capital, who are advising a bunch of successful ICOs. Over 30 projects have already claimed that they will use Origin protocol, and the Demo DApp is already available. However, tokens will be distributed no earlier than Q3 2018, the field is highly competitive and the decentralized competitors are modestly evaluated by the market. In order to compete with centralized competitors, the project would need to raise sufficient funds. The score will be updated once the token metrics are published (no info on hard cap yet).​

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2-May. Good project and partnerships with a MVP, but i am passing it due to high cup. Dont understand how the value of tokens appreciate.

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1. Among the projects related to the shared economy, there is no stronger project than ORIGIN.

2. Strong institutional investors, strong team members, strong hype

3. Numerous partners already exist and the roadmap is fast.

A complementary point

1. In the end, a lot of people need to participate in a successful structure

2. It is doubtful whether the existing shared economy industry will keep an eye on it.

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-Origin is a protocol for creating sharing economy peer-to-peer, decentralized marketplaces. The protocols are used for user identity, reputation, listings, dispute management, and to allow buyers and sellers to meet, communicate, and transact.

Origin Protocol aims to make it easy for their partners and users to build DApps and create businesses and wants to ultimately serve as a central hub to access all listings.

- Roadmap is nice and tight. Demo already out (demo.originprotocol.com), mainnet launch Q3 and partners ready to push out DApps. Partner list unfortunately reads as who is who of failed projects approaching meme status level such as CanYa (it cannot), PROPY, Bee and WeTrust, but there is also NuCypher - and any adoption in this space takes it head and shoulders above the rest. Sharing economy is made for blockchain. It may never succeed, but Origin Protocol is the best try we will have before Uber, Airbnb, Fiverr, or Craigslist decide to enter the space and do their own thing.

- Token is an ERC20 and will be used as currency for all transactions built on the protocol. 3rd party marketplaces can create their own token, in which case the Origin Protocol will be used for arbitration and reputation mechanisms. To drive adoption users will be rewarded for using the platform and referring new users with the size or rewards deflating with time. From the platform setup, part of their partner CanYa, Bee,.. token values will be absorbed by the Origin Protocol token value - although those tokens have not been in the same sentance with 3 iterations of the word "value" for a long time.

- Team is diverse and competent. Matthew Liu is ex-Google, Qwiki (acquired by Yahoo) and Bonobos (acquired by Walmart). Joshua Fraser wore many hats and had CEO and CTO positions at innovative and tech oriented companies. Rest of the team has experience on blockchain projects, game design, machine learning, business development... and working in Dropbox, Paypal, Google,.. Investors (who are these days taking the role of "advisors") include Pantera ($3M), BlockTower, FBG, Hashed, Spartan, Kenetic.... "Organic liquidity" and "getting recognized by exchanges because of quality of code" should be assured.

- Max presale bonus in earlier rounds (total of $28.5M) was 42%, and the current round for only accredited investors is 10% ($6.6M). Tokens will be locked up for 1 year from the purchase date OR 3 months after platform launch, but will be usable on platform during lock. If no mainsale happens - max effective bonus will be 30%. If ALL tokens unlock at the same time 3 months after token unlock - it might get messy. If you were not in earlier rounds, this does not seem like a good flipping opportunity. But we don't care, we are in it for the tech, eh?

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Origin Protocol

ICO Pantera S
ICO Drops High
TheGobOne 92%
DiddyCarter A-
Crypto Calibur 85
Sergio 84%
CrushCrypto Neutral / Good
Wolf Crypto 78
Mandy 7
Ian Balina 69
Midgard Research 6.5 out of 10
Hacked 6.3 out of 10
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