Metronome is the world's first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency, making decentralization possible and delivering institutional-class endurance.

Crowd-sale starts
Bonus No%

Team: 15 persons
Prototype: NO
Registered Company: Bloq
Company Residence: USA
ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00
ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO
Total Tokens: 10,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 80%

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Experts Opinions

Ian Balina

02-May. I love metronome that is one of my sleepers. It depends more on the price that we get in. (Descending (Dutch) Auction)

11-May. Note, Metronome score should be ignored for now, as it is an auction. Assumed price was used, and will change once ICO dates are announced.

ICO Drops

29-Mar. Metronome is a TOP project. We will watch the auction carefully and depending on cap we will decide to participate or not.

24-Apr. Metronome I like.They keep postponing their ICO. The team consists of crypto enthusiasts, they are not doing the project for money or business, they believe in their idea. I will participate in Metronome.

3-May. Sergey: The closest project that I like is Metronome. There will be auction. I am waiting for this project, it is interesting for me because team consists of cryptoenthuasiasts, members of the team were responsible for development of key elements for Bitcoin. Advisors and team members are TOP.

13-May. Sergey: We are waiting for Metronome auction.

23-May. Sergey: The next Fusion, for me, is Metronome. I like the idea.

5 out of 10

Taking into account the risks and opportunities, we arrive at a score of 5 out of 10 for Metronome. Prospective buyers may want to monitor the project’s technical evolution before putting skin in the game. Metronome offers a unique idea and can be a high-impact project, but still has glaring holes when it comes to implementation. That being said, there may be more to the project than the whitepaper presented. Timelines, technical specifications and clarity around pricing/inflation could easily take the score from a 5 to a 7.

Coin Bloq

I’m bullish on metronome for two reasons: it actually allows multiple payments to

be sent in one batch or settlement, so if I want to pay say twenty people in one go I can do that with metronome, the second reason why I’m bullish on metronome is because it allows payment

subscriptions, users can actually authorize reoccurring payments between accounts.

Metronomes reverse auction in my opinion is actually going to be susceptible to bots, giving more opportunity to investors with bigger faster bots to actually buy up all the tokens. Buying tokens at a fair price during the crowd sale is actually going to be very difficult. Metronome token model is inflationary.

For token economics, because it’s a Dutch auction I don’t want to mark them down and I don’t want to mark them up so I actually gave them an average score of 50 out of 100. I thought the team was excellent, Jeff Garlin the CEO has a lot of experience and so does his chief cryptographer Peter V. ( 90 out of 100)

When it comes to hype I think Metronome has significant amount of hype so I gave it 70 out of 100.

So this is something to definitely watch out for, but I would strongly advise you to heavily research this and to research the token dynamics.

Midgard Research
7.5 out of 10

The Project has all-star team members and advisors. The idea is unique, and the growth potential is large. However, our participation will mostly depend on the progress of the Descending (Dutch) Auction.