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"5 Cryptos DESTINED for the Top 10"

In today's video, I am gonna be talking to you about five cryptocurrencies I believe a destined for the top ten in the next 12 months. With the potential of a Bitcoin ETF coming out, there is a large amount of potential for the small and mid-cap altcoins surged up in market cap value and start challenging the current top 10.

№0 - Bonus Project

№1 - Ontology

№2 - VeChain

№3 - NANO

№4 - Ethos

№4 Ethos

Ethos previously known as Bitcoins was initially intended to just be a universal wallet, a place where you could store all of your cryptocurrencies in one place, instead of numerous hardware, hot or staking wallets. It was also intended to have a Fiat gateway and both of these features solved a huge pain in the market for your newbie investor or trader, whether that's small or institutional to enter cryptocurrency.

Its main competitor is Coinbase. Coinbase a year ago was just a basic wallet for three cryptocurrencies and a fiat gateway, and that was a Fiat gateway to very few countries. However, in the last six months, they have actually evolved. Now they are prepping the market for institutional money with their Custody Service and are now looking to help cryptocurrencies trade as securities without issue from the SEC.

to bring regulated financial services to investors such as managed accounts, brokerage accounts They have partnered with a company called Fusionand banking. They've just formed a partnership with PayRock to bring crypto to fiat payment services for online transactions. In addition, they have 2x Blackrock senior executives with a wealth of experience both in ETS and investments. So with these two superstars, Ethos has the potential to surpass Coinbases ability to bring game-changing services that act as a gateway for new investors.

This is why I believe Ethos is destined for the top 10.


NANO has been widely acknowledged as the cryptocurrency Bitcoin should have been. With instant and feeless transactions, it enables you to pay others quickly with financial bird although. Bitcoins main value proposition was a decentralized payment system that removes banks and prevents you from having to give a small slice of that transaction to the bank you do have to pay a minus fee for their work validating the payment on the blockchain. With NANO not only do you have the decentralization, but it's also free. Even Bitcoin Cash attempted to create a payment solution to better Bitcoin and that pretty much tries to replicate NANO. But even with Bitcoin Cash, there are fees in from. The other main innovation of Bitcoin was the blockchain. However, as cryptocurrency has grown hugely in the last year, Bitcoins blockchain speed of three transactions a second makes a problem in scaling for the mass market. NANO uses a DAG infrastructure. The DAG infrastructure stands for a directed acyclic graph, it's the new type of infrastructure in cryptocurrency that is looking to surpass the blockchains capabilities. It's a way of transacting in real time from earliest to latest transaction. This consensus algorithm solves the problem of speed and cost related with transacting. Therefore given his capabilities as a currency and the infrastructure that supports it, NANO seems destined for the top ten, especially when you consider there's going to be huge demand if this becomes scaled for the mass market.

№2 VeChain

VeChain is among the top two biggest IOT service providers in the market. IOT stands for the Internet of Things and it's all about connecting devices and products to the blockchain, allowing for data to be sent and stored on the blockchain. In VeChain case it's via RFID tags. One of the greatest use cases is supply-chain management for businesses and for customers to ensure the authenticity and quality of goods.

The reason why VeChain could enter the top ten is that they cover each of the industries where IoT is needed. And not only that, but they have partnerships with some of the top companies in niches. Even more grand, is their partnership with the Chinese government through the national level partnership. IOTA which is the number one IoT platform by market cap does not have anything approaching this level of quality and credibility.

This is why I believe VeChain has great top-ten potential in time.

№1 Ontology

Ontology is a product of People like to compare Ontology with NEO and the reason why is because they are both very strong Chinese projects. Ontology is its own infrastructure straight blockchain projects and is built around creating a trust network in the industries they operate in. Onchain. Ontology has arguably a much stronger product than NEO. Ontology solves more of a pain point their whole reason for being is bringing ID and reputation scoring to the blockchain in order to prevent frauds and hacks. With other blockchains, these measures are not in place. So it's easy to pay a fraud or a scammer then the intended person and never get your money back.

Another reason why I think Ontology has a strong chance of overtaking NEO, is that they have the multilayer blockchain 3.0 features that NEO does not have. It has cross-chain interoperability to connect other chains and evaluate trust scores on other blockchains. They also have smart contracts to enable developers to build new services such as personal identification apps, trust scoring apps and they have a data layer to store the information for all the companies that they connect with. In addition to having great technology and a great team of 50 which includes superstars, they have just introduced Ontology gas. So just like neo holders are able to get gas distributed to them for holding Ontology in their Ontology wallet. Lastly because China are looking to regulate cryptocurrencies and projects having that trust layer from ontology means it's more likely to be accepted by China government.


This is a project being launched at the end of 2018 and has a very high likelihood of not only powering into the top 10 but maybe even the top three. And this "number one cryptocurrency" is my largest investment. If nano is the currency system that Bitcoin should have been, my "number one" is the infrastructure Ethereum should have been. It brings to the market the fastest and most effective consensus algorithm in the space, achieving a processing speed of 500,000 transactions per second. The way in which consensus is achieved is through a new protocol, a protocol where high-quality information is transmitted through a series of nodes in a way that mimics gossiping with a load of friends. This achieves consensus at lightning speed. Another factor I believe this infrastructure will meet the top ten is because it is scheduled to have over a hundred projects ready to launch on the platform. To give a reason as to why the quality is going to be high with the "number one" infrastructure is because one of the projects is looking to completely rewrite the Internet. And the product they've made can achieve five million transactions a second because it is built on this infrastructure.

P.S. We can assume that “bonus project” is Hedera Hashgraph


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