21 Dec 202318:42
CryptoDiffer has announced a partnership with DragonDAO

CryptoDiffer has announced a partnership with DragonDAO

The CryptoDiffer team will be cooperating with the DragonDAO team on project evaluation for their launchpad. Both teams will share deal flow with each other to pick up the best startups from the market.

About CryptoDiffer

CryptoDiffer is a unique tool for every Crypto investor. We unite all up-to-date altcoin news, analytics, in-depth reviews, and engaging AMAs with startup teams in one platform.

About The DragonDAO

The DragonDAO is an investment DAO, a next-generation launchpad that provides an opportunity to invest in early-stage crypto projects along with influencers and VCs. They redefine the investing experience, offering exclusive early access, a DragonDAO shield, and a refund policy to minimize investor risks. Its approach goes beyond traditional investments, providing a dynamic narrative of growth and development