Published 10 Aug by Cryptodiffer Team

Highlights on Ian Balina and 100X Advisors

AMA in Hong Kong


Matic Network

Matic Network is a great project. I'm hoping it will solve scaling issues on blockchains, working with Ethereum, gonna be working on other blockchains as well, this reminds me of Loom Network. Really good team and for the most part, we're doing our research into it. We're exploring investing in it and will likely be investing it. Nothing official yet right but based on our research and just gave me a chance to meet the team during the world tour we'll probably investing.


We are investing in it, and we're also gonna be advising them. It is a great project - very hyped.


After kind of reviewing the code we realize that currently they able to support a lot of TPS - 65,000 but we figured that when they release a mainnet that they won't be able to get a fast because it become more decentralized. So that's why we're pass.

Codename Belarus

We're not ready to conduct an all-star yet. We're waiting on that to see how that turns out if it's a good audit and if everything checks out then we'll probably invest and possibly advise.


We actually passed on this because we had enough all-stars. The project was really very innovativein terms of technology.


Really undervalued especially at this market.


I'm not bullish on it at the moment.


They have the control. I believe they're waiting for better exchanges


I like EOS very bullish on that I think that the next biggest competitor to Ethereum.