Essentia is the decentralized framework to create, store and access your decentralised digital life.

Crowd-sale starts
Fundraising progress:
20,129,312 USD of 25,500,000 USD

Team: 4 persons
Prototype: NO
ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00
ICO Token Price: 0.04 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO
Available for Token Sale: 35%

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Experts Opinions

Good / Good

Overall, we like both the flipping and long-term potential of the ICO. Our thoughts on buying the tokens for flipping and investing for the long term are as follows:

For flipping

Good. There are very few blockchain projects with a functioning product on the Ethereum mainnet. Partly because of this reason, the project was able to complete the presale and raise $23.5 million in around one week. There will be $2 million available in the crowdsale. As such, this project should have plenty of unmet demand.

For long-term holding

Good. Should dApps become mainstream, we believe Essentia will be one of the major platforms to benefit from the trend.

In addition, the masternode mechanism encourages token holders to stake ESS tokens, reducing the velocity of the tokens which in turn increase the scarcity of it.

ICO Pantera


1. Identity management data management framework, which is actually MVP. The roadmap is fast.

2. It has complied with European GDPR certification standards and has contracts with the Finnish and Dutch national authorities.

3. The hard cap is not very large. A project involving kenetic.

A complementary point

1. It is a project that belongs to the Red Ocean. Nobody knows who will be the last winner. Large companies are also entering this field.

2. It is still MOU with the customer and a definite agreement should be observed.

3. It's a project that has not been publicized yet.