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About company

The China Youth Angels Association was established in Beijing on January 5, 2013, by Xu Xiaoping, founder of Zhenge Angel Investment Fund, Yang Ning, a partner of the successful entrepreneurs of Lehuan, and the entrepreneur of the Entrepreneur magazine, Niu Wenwen, and founder of the founding workshop. Gang, the founder of Wanjia Capital, Zhang Liu, and the CEO of Zheshang Venture Capital, Liu Dongqiu, together with dozens of angel investors in the industry, initiated an open and win-win angel investment alliance to build China's most influential angel organization.As China's largest investor organization, China Youth Angels brings together more than 160 professional investors at home and abroad, including many well-known investment giants. After five years of development and development, with the Beijing headquarters as the center, it has established regional branches such as East China Branch (Shanghai), Hunan Branch, Guangdong Branch and Silicon Valley Branch, and gradually became the most extensive and professional investor organization in China.

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Goal: USD68,000