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UniLend is a DeFi protocol that provides a unified interface, seamlessly integrating spot trading and lending/borrowing functionalities.

UniLend is a blockchain-based network that enhances liquidity within the DeFi ecosystem by combining spot trading and money markets.

This innovative approach aims to break the monopoly held by specific coins such as DAI, USDC, USDT, SNX, LINK, MKR, and others when it comes to deploying funds on DeFi protocols. By doing so, UniLend taps into an untapped market estimated at $16.7 billion.

One notable aspect of the protocol is its ability to facilitate decentralized trading, borrowing, and lending within the same framework. The collateralization ratio and interest rates in the money markets are determined by the balance between supply and demand.

Furthermore, the liquidity of trading pairs directly influences the amount and profitability of borrowed funds. This delicate balance addresses liquidity and settlement challenges in the DeFi space, promoting increased utilization of DeFi platforms.

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