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UMA is an optimistic oracle (OO) and arbitration system that allows for arbitrary types of data to be brought on-chain.

Universal Market Access (UMA) is a protocol based on Ethereum that serves as an oracle, verifying real-world data to be used in blockchain-based applications. Its system comprises two main components: Priceless financial contract designs for creating synthetic tokens and a Data Verification Mechanism (DVM), which serves as a decentralized oracle service. UMA’s oracle system provides data for projects including a cross-chain bridge, insurance protocols, custom derivatives and prediction markets.

The protocol's initial financial innovations focused on trustless tokenization, leveraging UMA contracts to create ERC-20 tokens and provide synthetic exposure to assets with a market price. This functionality empowers users to creatively design novel financial products that were not feasible in traditional finance. Some applications of UMA contracts include: financial exposure to US and global equities, Total Value Locked in DeFi protocols, tokenized yield curves, the number of Twitter followers a user has.
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