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Stader is a noncustodial platform that offers a multichain liquid staking solution.

Stader Labs, established in 2021, offers a robust multichain liquid-staking solution. With support for seven different networks, Stader Labs enables users to deposit tokens into liquid staking contracts, ensuring that they can continue earning staking rewards while also utilizing their cryptocurrency in other applications.

Furthermore, Stader Labs has plans to integrate staking support for additional networks such as Solana and Avalanche, expanding its offering and providing users with more opportunities to participate in liquid staking.

The Stader platform facilitates the staking of its native token, SD, which is integral to the protocol's mechanics. When users stake their tokens via Stader, a percentage fee is deducted from the generated rewards. The specific fee percentage, ranging between 3-10%, is determined by governance factors. The deducted fees are then distributed as rewards to those who stake the SD token.
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2.21M SD (1.47%)
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81.82M SD (54.55%)