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Scallop aims to become a regulated DeFi banking app, enabling both retail and institutional users to benefit from decentralized ecosystems.

Scallop is an innovative banking-as-a-service provider that simplifies the management of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies for individuals and businesses. Through a comprehensive range of products and services, Scallop aims to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance.

With its integrated fiat/crypto account and a diverse selection of banking products, Scallop's objective is to enhance accessibility to cryptocurrencies, enabling users to effortlessly navigate the expanding world of DeFi, similar to their experience with conventional online banking solutions.

Within the platform, the Scallop Token (SCLP) serves as the native utility token, offering various advantages and incentives. Users are required to stake SCLP tokens to access Scallop's account opening and enjoy perks such as up to 1% crypto back on in-store purchases, deposit bonuses, and fee discounts. Additionally, the token can be utilized to cover transaction fees, exchange fees, and monthly management fees.

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8.45M SCLP (8.45%)
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93.81M SCLP (93.81%)
7.19M SCLP (7.19%)