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Radworks is the community-governed network behind Radicle decentralized network designed to facilitate collaborative coding efforts.

Radworks is a community-driven network with its core being the driving force behind Radicle, an autonomous peer-to-peer network for collaborative code development atop Git, and Drips, an Ethereum-based solution for sharing and splitting funds among peers.

The pivotal Radicle platform seeks to fortify the foundation for open-source communities. Emphasizing security, autonomy, and open protocols over rigid design structures, Radicle fosters a collaborative troubleshooting environment that empowers developers to collectively engage in code work, free from external dependencies.

The heartbeat of this ecosystem is the RAD token, the native currency. It not only serves as a treasury governance tool for Radworks, facilitating funding for Radicle, Drips, and the broader ecosystem but also vests governance powers in RAD holders. These holders influence critical Radworks smart contracts, encompassing governance frameworks like Compound Governor Alpha and Ethereum-based protocols, including Drips.
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