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Quant Network is a decentralized blockchain platform that offers efficient interoperability without compromising the system's effectiveness.

Quant is a platform that connects different distributed ledgers (DLTs) by eliminating communication barriers. DLTs are databases that can be accessed by multiple participants from different regions, and blockchain is an example of a DLT. The platform aims to solve the limited adoption of DLTs due to the technical complexity of maintaining them and the inability of users to move their data across different DLTs.

Quant's solution is its Overledger DLT Gateway, which enables DLT integration without additional infrastructure. Users can operate various types of DLTs and exchange data, such as smart contracts, IDs, or digital assets, between them. Overledger enables users to select the technology that best suits their needs and provides business solutions for those requiring multi-chain strategies. Developers can also use Overledger to create mDApps, which extend the reach of DApps beyond a single ledger, allowing users to benefit from several ledgers simultaneously.

Moreover, Overledger allows smart contracts to be created in any programming language on any DLT, even on those DLTs that don't support smart contracts natively. By building an interoperable system that can connect various DLTs securely and efficiently, Quant aims to accelerate the adoption of DLTs and make them more accessible to users.

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