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Prom is a dynamic NFT marketplace and platform for gaming asset rental.

Formerly known as Prometeus Labs, PROM has launched as an NFT marketplace with a focus on the blockchain gaming arena. This platform is a hub for trading and renting gaming-related NFTs, catering to the dynamic needs of players, metaverse enthusiasts, NFT owners, guilds, and gaming communities.

Founded in 2018, Prometeus Labs underwent a rebranding in July 2022 to become PROM, aligning itself with the burgeoning landscape of blockchain NFTs. At its core, PROM harnesses the power of the utility token PROM, an essential component of its ecosystem.

Promoting itself as a unified gateway to the NFT and blockchain gaming realm, PROM strives to cater comprehensively to the diverse player base. As the blockchain gaming sphere evolves to incorporate novel elements like NFT rentals and virtual land tokens, PROM positions itself as a solution provider with offerings like virtual mortgage and rental solutions, enriching its marketplace.

Future plans encompass the establishment of a decentralized exchange (DEX) tailored explicitly for metaverse-related tokens, including those representing virtual land and access. Additionally, PROM aspires to become a launchpad, extending support to promising game projects.
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