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Ontology is a proof-of-stake Layer 1 blockchain that offers high speed and low-cost transactions, aiming to bring decentralized identity and data solutions to the Web3 ecosystem.

Ontology is a blockchain network that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and incorporates various technologies within its consensus mechanism, including Proof-of-Stake and Byzantine fault tolerance.

One of the notable solutions within the Ontology ecosystem is ONT ID, which is a decentralized digital identity framework available on the Ontology mainnet as well as other blockchains. ONT ID enables users to have secure and self-sovereign control over their digital identities.

Another important component of Ontology is OWN (Ontology Web3 Network), which offers a set of pre-built blockchain structures for developers to streamline application development. This package provides developers with a solid foundation to start building applications without having to start from scratch.

The overarching goal of the Ontology project is to promote interoperability across multiple blockchains. By facilitating compatibility with the EVM and incorporating various technologies, Ontology aims to create a network that can seamlessly interact with other blockchain ecosystems.
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